Education Community Service Program is Dedicated to promoting a commitment to literacy and lifelong learning. Be aware of your community:

· Have members attend School Board Meetings, report back to club.

· Have the club or some members become “Friends of the Library”.

· Help make items available to Senior Citizens.

· Help make available items to those with vision or hearing disablities.

· What is the literacy level for your community, educate your club.

· Host events at your local library, sponsor a speaker or author.

· Start a local book club.

· Apply for a GFWC focus on literacy Grant to fund a local literacy program.

· Be aware of issues on the local ballot that effect schools and libraries.

EDUCATION PARTNERSHIPS: GFWC is currently working towards formalizing a partnership with the American Library Association. Final details are not available, but more information should be provided when you attend State convention.