The Arts

The Arts are a very important part of our Community Service Programs. We can support existing programs in our communities or help to develop new ones in the fields of music, drama, dance, theatre, arts and crafts. We need to encourage the students in our State to enter our contests

  • Short Stories

  • Poetry

  • Photography Featuring - Natural History Scenic -Volunteers in Action-Home is Where the Heart is

  • Arts & Crafts -Wearable Art -Fiber Art-Jewelry

  • Painting

  • Fine Arts

Any student from kindergarten to 12th grade can enter by following the directions in the GFWC CLUB MANUAL.

Here are some IDEAS for Club activities:

  • Organize a club outing to a play, concert, dance.

  • Research the many forms of art and give reports at a club meeting.

  • Volunteer as a docent at local historical landmarks, museums, galleries, or other venues.

  • Use an artistic event to raise funds to sponsor local community art and cultural programs.

  • Collect musical instruments to donate to school and local youth bands and orchestras.

PARTNERSHIP in an Arts Program – GFWC Partners are the organizations with whom GFWC has established a formal relationship and mutual understanding. Our partners offer unique and customized services: materials, speakers, kits and/ or additional information specifically designed for GFWC clubs.