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Campaign Renovation Needs

Our chapter clubhouse was built in 1925. Although it is very charming and beautiful, we recently learned that it needs substantial repair, restoration and rehabilitation to preserve it and bring it up to code.

The roof, for example, does not adequately handle water drainage and water runoff, so water is damaging the stucco exterior. The concrete front porch has a wood framework beneath it that is rotting and needs to be replaced. There are two fireplaces with chimneys that are separating from the exterior of the building and will eventually fall if we do not secure them. Further, there is a bearing wall that is inadequate for the weight it is now holding. We must reinforce it now or face more serious repairs later.

These are only a few examples in a total project will cost an estimated $200,000. (A complete needs assessment report can be found on our Links page.) We have some savings but not nearly enough to handle this magnitude of repair and rehabilitation. If you appreciate historic buildings, and you want to see this one preserved, can you help us? We have launched a GoFundMe campaign and would greatly appreciate any help to preserve this beautiful Kirkland Landmark. There is no amount that is too modest.