KWC Committees

Under the motto "Unity in Diversity", GFWC has built an outstanding record of accomplishment. GFWC's structure allows clubs to address the emerging needs of individual communities and the nation and to respond quickly to calls for help. Local clubs have the ability to tap into the expertise available at national, state and district levels as well as the freedom to shape programs to suit particular community needs.

KWC Community Service programs

KWC, in accord with the General Federation of Women's Clubs, divides its areas of service into six categories:

· The ARTS







KWC's special local charitable traditions include:

  • Hopelink

  • YWCA Family Village Christmas Family

  • Lake Washington School District Scholarships

  • Layettes for Eastside Public Health

  • Kirkland Clothing Bank

  • Eastside Domestic Violence

  • We also support cancer research, Operation Smile, the Federated Forest State Park, UN events, and various other charities as the need arises.

You are cordially invited to visit one of our luncheon meetings, coffee socials or other events to meet other friendly, like-minded women and find out more about our club and ways to get involved. Simply Email and we will reserve a spot for you!

If you are interested in joining our club, please download and fill the Membership Form and bring it with you to one of our meetings.

Or Mail it to: Kirkland Woman's Club

PO Box 2502

Kirkland, WA 98083